Clean Cup, Move Down

Some of the best things in life are forced upon you...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dull Bown Dress

My days are quickly becoming idle and stagnant as stale water. There was a time of vibrancies where in I felt I was pulsating with life.

As quickly as it came, its goodbye was far more expeditious.

Will this thirst for resonance ever be quenched?

Or will this obscurity go on like a dull brown dress?

Take My Love

I feel so full of error, my choice of love never satisfied.

When will it be safe to give it away?

I want it to be embraced and seen for what it is and for want it can become.

Great love!

Am I a fool for that hope?

If so I pray, make me a fool.

For as a fool I’ll have the freedom that no one will question.

To say as loud and as foolishly as I can,

Take My Love! My love, My great love!

The Cliff

There is a high cliff that calls me.

And on this cliff,

I know I will see the glory of my Lord through his mighty creation.

I want to fall to my knees and cry!

Cry for everything I have always wanted to cry about and never did.

And as I’m crying on my knees before my Lord, I want to chock through the words

“But he bids me go, through the voice of whoa; his voice to me is calling”.

As the wind is blowing, the water below is crashing and I am gripping the earth with my

Hands, so not to be swept off!

I want it all to go away for just one brief moment in time.

And sing praises through my tears.

To know, at the glimpse of my humble life, right now…everything is okay!

Something waits for me, at this cliff I speak of.

And at this place, I will take a breath a “new” breath and stand at the edge, in Awe of his

Phenomenal power.

It is here, that I believe I will walk with my Lord.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Down to Earth

What dose that mean; anyway? Everyone says that now, “She’s real “Down To Earth”, “No, he’s not like that. He’s great. Real “Down To Earth” Or “I just want to meat “Down To Earth” people” People who posses none of the attributes I always thought to be as a “Down To Earth” person, claim that’s exactly what they are.

I would venture to say no one has any idea what the even means. And the only reason everyone uses it to describe the person they want and the person they say they are, Is because, it’s socially acceptable and recognized as a “Good Thing”. I mean really, who’s going to say something like, “She’s great! Real High matinees”, He’s awesome! One of the most Superficial people I know. It’s so refreshing to finely fine someone like that” Or, “I just want to meat people who love Drama and love to live through other people’s experiences in life.”

No one would ever say those things because there’s nothing attractive about them. But, some how the statement “Down To Earth” Holds this all powerful ability to express the “ideal person” for every human on this planet. And yet everyone is constantly complaining those “bad” attributes are what they always seem to fine and they’re “oh so tired of it” I’m confused…If everyone has the gift of possessing the “Down To Earth” quality personality, why then do we say we have it and yet can’t find it in anyone else?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Alone At Last

Why it when talking to Christian is singles (male or female) about finding the “love of your life" they proudly proclaim, “I’m not really interested in dating." I'm focusing on God in my life." “And I'm perfectly content with being single." Focusing on God...? Meaning what exactly? as soon as that great and glories day one gets married you've "Arrived" spiritually? And Focusing God is no longer required...? Of course not!

Let me tell you what that really means “I’m so lonely I can hardly take it anymore." "If I have to wake up alone again I'm going to RIP MY FINGER NAILS OUT With a pare of pliers! I'm sure that pain will come moderately close to the pain I'm feeling right now. And if I'm lucky I'll get a terrible infection. All the while having no choice but to think only on how not to lose my wedding finger. (just in case).

And what does "content with being single" mean? If that were the case way am I always being told I need to read books with titles like " How to find joy in being single", "finding contentment in your single walk in life", or " being alone isn't so bad"...I'm sure at least one of those book tittles is real and can be found in any locale Christian book store near you.

My question is, If we're so "content" why is it we keep reading "Self Help" books trying desperately to convince ourselves that being alone doesn't really suck? Why, because it infect does suck! And we all know it.

Tell me this, what's with the "I'm not interested in dating" Crap! Of course you’re interested in dating! Don't try and hide under this self righteous false notion that you’re in the "singles group" just to find friends and only friends. (why do you think we don't like it when some married couple invades our group?) Well...for the obvious reason it's a "singles Group". Of course for the well known but unspoken reason, we're all on the "prowl" and we don't want to find our selves hitting on a married person.

Not to mention the ever present feeling of someone pointing and yelling "I have something you don't have!!” Lets just admit it, it's always much worse when that couple is especially good looking. Then you really feel like a looser.

Let's just be honest with ourselves’ people, we all want to love and we all want to be loved. Sex with out guilt would be nice too. And this smoke screen called "not interest in dating due to focusing on God" because naturally that's the noble thing to say as a Christian single. And heaven forbid you accomplish any of your own dreams in your life out of wedlock!

The sooner we singles admit we're not these "super natural, no sex drive, never tempted, all righteous beings" and despite all odds of human nature, love being alone. We'll realize its ok to want what you don't have from the opposite sex, such as SEX!

With all that said, Do something with your life! Don't just sit there waiting for that one person to come and make all your dreams come true. You can fulfill your dreams right now! You’re not paralyzed. You’re single. Be real! Sometimes, it really blows! You would like someone to be with. But, are you going to make it? Or are you just going to grow old and die? All for the sake of "What could I do? I was single."

So, please stop trying to get me to believe when you sit down for dinner every night (ALONE) with your still slightly warmed delivery pizza and OF course your glass of red wine just to prove to your self you’re still cool and have culture. Turn on the TV to watch some movie that will either assist you in the routine wallowing in your single sorrow, or oddly finding some sense of pride in the idea that you are infact very much alone. Pushing play on your nice (obviously) new DVD player. (because you don't have anyone but you to blow your money on).
Letting out a sigh and saying "Ahhh...Alone at last".

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Do not be fooled by "her" words. With the pretense of being "supportive," "she" only seeks to have praise heaped on her in kind. No, not in kind, rather in larger doses. "You're so not fat. You have the perfect body." This exchange can go on for hours, none truly aware that "She" is feeding off their praise and heaping on "Her" own false praise to keep the fires of her ego burning.

Can you see "Her" yet? Picture a late night with friends, doing what friends do. You're sitting, talking, music playing softly in the background softening into a din as you talk and sip your wine. Naturally, "She" isn't old enough to drink yet. Not wanting to feel like the lushes we are secretly afraid that we are. We offer "Her" a small glass, no more than three ounces. You know, "child-size." Hey, children as young as nine drink wines in Italy. Of course, "She" drinks it. Gracious at her inclusion into our adult oriented fun.

Naturally, in no time at all, the gateway to whatever real intelligence "She" has is closed. Someone says something vaguely witty. While the rest of us laugh either out of politeness or good humor, she emits this saccharinely cute giggle, times oh-so perfectly as to be heard above the rest of us.

This type of delayed mental reaction is oddly attractive to the male of the species. The males begin suffocating her with attention disguised as 'good natured ribbing." They say "Oh, isn't She cute?" "She's such an instant piece of ass. She's already drunk." Yes, drunk like a FOX! In reality, She drinks more than I do. Of course, She is already experienced in these types of situations as her carefully constructed timidity begins to surface with such choreography that Twila Tharpe would be envious.

"I am like so tired! I think I had too much to drink." This, of course, means the trap is sprung. Suddenly, every Y chromosome in the place becomes active as the men all fall over themselves to help out this poor, unprotected little creature. It's all "Do you need a ride?" "Are you okay to drive?" "Maybe I should help you." It's an incredible phenomenon.
Naturally, it would come across as a simple case of female bitchiness if I broke out into a rousing standing ovation for "Her" Oscar worthy performance. You can't deny that she's good at what she does.

Of course, the tragedy is that you can't tell "Her" to stop because, as we all know, "She's" winning. I've come to the realization that I've had it wrong this entire time. It was my fatal mistakes that lead me to developing a personality and an intellect when all along I should have been perfecting my "look" so as to better manipulate the dull-witted male of the species.
Of course, to appear as needy as is humanly possible is also a bonus. Men don't seem to want an intelligent, mature woman, oh NO! Men want nothing more than a tiny little rear and an even tinier brain.

All I would say to "Her" is "Keep it up!" I admit I can't do what "She" does. I admit I do not posses whatever strange things it is that "She" has, save for the supple ass. All that said, I will, however, say as loudly as is humanly possible that, were I as brain dead as "She" pretended to be, I'd have a man by now.